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Friday, 23 November 2012

WIP Zombies, and 50 Posts!!

I have reached 50 posts!! That's quite a few I think since I only started in April/May 2012!

So I would like to thank everyone who has followed me so far and commented on my posts. Here's to another 50! *holds up imaginary beer*.

To start with, Brummie from Brummies Wargaming Blog has nominated me as one of his 5 nominees for the Liebster Award! So thanks!!

So, umm, What is it??
To be honest, when I read this I had no clue what it was, so I had to Google it. Turns out it is a meme, a bit like one of those *pass on to 10 of your friends and you'll receive a cool message at midnight* type thing (which I assume never happens), but at least this one is nicer and actually has a point to it.

Now for the difficult part.. I read that it is not obligatory to pass this on, which kinda make this easier as I need to choose 5 people to pass this on to. Now I only follow a handful of blogs, or at least a handful which do regular updates. Pretty much most I follow have already been nominated as the one's I follow are all within the same circle, or have over 200 followers! So choosing 5 is pretty much impossible! But I do appreciate the thought! :)

So here's some more WIP:

Hopefully you will see my sculpting is getting better, and hopefully it will continue to do so. So from left to right. We have a classic style butcher with sausages around his neck and one of those old style hats. Then we have a female management person with a walkie talkie. Finally there is a male manager, who seems to be a bit torn up!

On a different note, I decided to confront people on a forum who said my figures were "average" and cared little for them. I thought it was just a little rude as it was meant as an insult. So, I decided to join the forum, and reply. I said: Thanks for the compliment! Average means they are not as good as some, but it also means they are better than some out there. Which, when you consider I only started sculpting a year ago, with no prior experience or art background, that's pretty damn good from my point of view, as most have been sculpting far longer and are from art backgrounds.

Turn an insult into a positive, always good :)

Ok, that's all for now, oh I guess more WIP will be up on my next blog. I did plan to post some photos of the roads we have in the pipe line, but that will have to be on my next blog as I need to take photos.

Righty oh then, Cheers for reading and the support! :)


  1. I love the new sculpts, especially the butcher! Hes something new.

    As for the forum comments, that is just part of the business. If you look from the customer's point of view, we want best for least. It is no secret your sculpts are not the best and it would be false to claim they are, but on the other hand, nobody claims that. Anybody who had some greenstuff in his hands will know how hard it is to actually sculpt anything and I have learned to appreciate the worst of the sculpts myself.

    If you'd compare yourself with someone like Hasslefree, your sculpts are not close to their quality, but you are about what...half cheaper? Besides, it is useless to compare someone with a good year of experience to someone with 20+. If you just compare the faces, the three you've shown here show vast improvement compared to your first sculpts. And that is what counts.

    In the end, you can proudly say you offer the best 28mm hospital beds, for sure! ;)

    1. Thanks! I like the butcher too hehe. I think this bunch is of a higher standard compared to my last group. I hope they will continue to get better and one day i'll be at the quality of Hasslefree and Heresy! I have openly said my first batch of sculpts are not the best sculpted out there, but they are not the worst either, which brings me hope for the future ranges, especially since they have improved quite a bit since my first lot :)

  2. I've been happy with the sculpts I've bought from you, and look forward to future releases. But if you put anything on the internet, someone will be there to knock it. That is the way of cyber life. I like the way you handled it though.

    I like all 3 of these upcoming zombies. The butcher is very unique, and the business types are well done as well. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks! Very true, someone will always be there to say harsh things. I know of people who are awesome at what they do, and there is always one who will find something wrong. The main thing is I've had no complaints from customers, so that's the main thing!

  3. Nice characterful sculpts mate. Love the Butcher

    1. Thanks! The butcher is a favourite of mine too! :)

  4. Carl, I love your sculpts and as long as you keep on making them, I'll keep on buying them. This new range of supermarket zombies look fantastic. Keep up the good work, mate and just ignore the Internet Trolls. They are ignorant, talentless scum.

    1. Thanks :) I shall continue to make them for as long as I am able to! Hopefully they will continue to improve each time.

  5. Well I hate those sculpts you do! Awful! The beds, zombie nurses, big bad ass with axe on a radiator and now these?! Stop this madness now and go get a proper job!!! Standing on the corner and playing the theme song from Doctor Who on your banjo!!!

    To those of you who can not tell.....I am joking!!!

    Really looking forward to more of these supermarket zombies Carl! As mentioned else where, your faces have become much better. Great work so far!!!

    1. I saw I had a message from you, and I read the first few words and it made me smile and laugh!!

      Cheers! I think the faces really help a lot. Tey have dramatically changed. But also everything else has got crisper too :)