Grekwood Miniatures

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Blast-Tasitc 2014

Yesterday we headed to Bristol for a new wargames show called "Blast-Tastic". It was a show purely about Sci-fi, which was cool to see as so many have historical figures everywhere.

Overall it was a decent day. We left Cardiff around 07:20, and got there around 08:10-20 which gave us plenty of time to set up our stand (see image right). As soon as we finished setting up, we got our first order, and from then on there was a steady flow of customers throughout the day. There were a couple of quiet moments, which were welcomed (always nice to have a sit down!), but in general it had a nice relaxed atmosphere which was great from a traders point of view.

Amongst greeting customers, I finally met Colin from "Down Among the Lead Men", he's been a great supporter of Grekwood Minis, so it was cool to meet him. We started to have a chat and then I had to deal with a customer, so we only had a brief chat, but I'm glad I finally met someone from the blogs!

There were quite a few games going on, which we slowly watched from behind our stand. My dad (who is in one or two of the photos) had a look around and said he saw some pretty cool stuff happening. I didn't really get a chance to have a close look around, but I guess there's always next year! The table next to us (Precinct Omega.. above photo) had developed some rules for the Dreamforge figures which we stock, so that was pretty cool!

So yeah, great day! We'll definitely be going next year. I just want to say a big thank you to Michael Stockin of Angel Barracks who organised the show. Also to everyone who bought from us or came along to say hi, thank you, your custom is always appreciated!