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Saturday, 30 March 2013

28mm Hospital *Extended Cut*

Bit of a short blog, but for those who have not seen on Facebook, I have been working on the "Hospital Extended Cut" PDF, and we (my dad and I) put together the following building the other day:

The extended cut includes:

1) New end sections
2) New Centre Entrance
3) New hallway section including a lift and stair entrance.
4) Stairs and Lift compartments.
5) Fire Escape sections on the end of each ward.

Here is a promo photo from above. I have put the car park and some roads out around the hospital to make it look "real".

I'm pretty happy with how it has turned out. hopefully it'll be ready in the next week or two :) I still have to take some photos (tomorrow) as the battery ran out whilst photographing it the first time.

Ok, that's all I have to talk about at the moment, apart from... HAPPY EASTER!!! and if you don't celebrate it, then have a great weekend as always!

My next blog will hopefully have some info about up and coming figures ...

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

New Miniatures and Super Store Ideas

In an attempt to get back into the whole blog thing here is another blog post!

Last week I began talks with Crooked Dice to stock a few of their figures, 18 of them to be exact. So on the website you should notice that they are scattered around there. I am attempting to get more on the website, but that depends on companies co-operating or not. So if they don't I will move on to something else, either way, someone is getting my money haha

Here is a little promo picture I made of some of them:

On another note....

Today I spent a few hours working out how the large super store could be built. It will be constructed in a modular system, similar to the way the hospital was built in sections.

Here is a photo of what we came up with as a base plan. It measures 4 square by 5 (each square is 6" x 6").

The 4 squares on the left with the figures on represent the butcher, fish monger, bakery, and deli. Each square would be it's on area.

The top 4 squares would be a warehouse, office, and canteen area.

The other 3 square by 4 square area will be the main shop with the entrance being in the bottom right corner where the white square with the figure on it is.

So, this is quite a big building, but it's meant to be for playing games in, and not just another piece in a's going to look really cool haha

Ok that's all for now!
Comments always welcome!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Up and coming Stuff...

Welcome new followers!!

It's been a while (again) since I last posted a blog, so here one is!

The local store PDF is now available on the website (click here). Here is a photo for you to see:

I also have a car park which works with out buildings/roads, so that is coming out hopefully in the next week. I just need to finalise a few things before I can do that.  So in case you haven't seen it yet, below is a photo of the WIP version. As I said, it's designed to work with our roads (or others I guess), so the "T junction" would be from another road pack, and not the car park pack, as you can't have a car park without roads. In the road sections there are "yellow line stoppers", which allow you to end yellow lines appropriately. The tile by the T junction also has changed. I have also go white arrows going around the carpark (two versions, one for driving on the left, and one for the right).
Umm...what else... oh yes, I finally finished the dinosaur I started last year (it didn't take that long, but I put it aside and forgot about it). So here's a photo of that:
Finally... I will be contacting the caster about a couple of figures. Do you remember Hammerman, Grekwood in a fez, the sci fi alien with guns, and the "not dr who" dalek princess? Well I will hopefully be getting them back soon *fingers crossed*... assuming they don't break in the mould again! Oh I might rename Hammerman as "The Tenderiser", as he's a mix of a butcher and an executioner...and he has the worlds biggers meat hammer lol
Ok, I think that's enough for now. Oh if you know anyone who needs sculpting putty, then it might be useful to know I have dropped the price to £10 for Green Stuff, and £7.50 for Procreate. I think this is "one of" the cheapest deals you can find online in the UK, so that's all cool...share it...share it share it haha
Oh and congrats to the Welsh Rugby Union team who beat England 30 points to 3 for the "Six Nations Championship". Not a bad end to the day!
Comments always welcome! and apologies once again for not getting around the blogs. I seem to spend most of my Grek Minis time updating our facebook page!
Cheers for reading...

Friday, 1 March 2013

Photography and other stuff

It's been over a week since my last blog, so I thought I would write one!

Local Store:
I have almost finished the local store. I have been taking ages building up the shelves, so they have individual items on them. I have only put basic furniture in some rooms, like a table/desk, and maybe a cabinet or two as I don't want to clog up the rooms too much because of the size, and also I'm not the best at making tiny furniture! The main building and shop is the main focus anyway, so that's the main thing!

On a sculpting note, my next couple of ranges (releases) won't exactly be zombie related. The current figures I'm working on are some sculpts my dad started work on a year or so ago, but they go put aside and kind of forgot about as new things popped up. I've been working on them for a couple of days now, so hopefully towards the end of this month I will be able to send them off. I don't want to add photos yet as I don't want people to become board of them before they are out. They won't be everyone's "cup of tea", but then not everything is! They are of a "fantasy/horror" theme though, and there have been a few movies about them or including them in the past.

My second range I am working on has a more fantasy/medieval twist to it. There will be some undead guys in it, but they are not technically zombies. They could still work as" fancy dress" zombies who have been to a "dress up" party or something.

I have been looking through my photos this morning on my facebook photography page, and thought I would share some here. I haven't really done much photography in the past year or two, I have just been focussed on other things. So here's some of my photos.

Below left: Photos of Kate. Below right: Kate holding one of my other samurai swords. It's a display model (so made to look pretty but not for slicing!). Below right: Nathan Wyburn, known for his marmite art work on toast! he was on Britains Got Talent, and has done many pieces of art for famous people. I photographed him before he really got "famous".
Below: Fireworks as Disneyworld, on Halloween night.
Below left: Light photography. Kate made the star, Carmel made the tree, and Gareth made the blue box. Middle: A chimp from Drayton Manor. Right: A lily in my parents fish pond.
Below: Infrared image of a lake near my parents house. The infrared camera makes all greens white. It also makes people look a bit demonish haha
Finally, a "Banana vs Skittles War". I was feeling creative. I borrowed a Hasslefree (I think) gun from my brother, and made this diorama!
I have taken way more images, but these are just some I decided to share. more can be seen on my photography page here:
Ok that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed looking at the pics!
Cheers all!