Grekwood Miniatures

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Painted Zombies and Armour

I finally finished painting the new costume zombies. I decided to base them on clear bases/counters as they interfere less with the scenery and overall look of the gaming table.


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Speaking of counters/bases, I decided to buy in some transparent coloured counters/bases, as I thought they might be useful as either coloured bases, or markers/identifiers in games. They can easily be painted on, or scenery can be glued to them, so they can be customised to whatever you want.

Personal Armour!
I have been busy building my Mass Effect armour. The frame for the mannequin was built using plastic tubes, and then a stand for it to "stand up".

Below are two photos showing the progress! I have made the 2 bicep pieces, chest piece and the cod piece. and the second photo shows the detailed back piece with spine detail which was difficult to cut out.

Apart from that nothing much is happening. I haven't really done much business stuff this week as it's been fun making the armour...

Anyway, that is all for today I think,

Hope you enjoy!