Grekwood Miniatures

Sunday, 12 May 2013

This Months Releases!

It seems like ages since I have posted anything here, but I guess it was only about 2 weeks ago!

I have a few announcements, so here I go:

1) All 4 interchangeable werewolves have now been released on the website. They retail at £7 each or £6 if all four are bought. They are priced so because they are 40-45mm in height and quite "bulky" in build. They are meant for 28mm scale, so in real life terms they are about 8 to 9 feet big and scary!

Bottom photo has a typo.. it should say "4" not "3".

2) 15mm Hospital and some roads have been released. I thought it was about time I got those all up on the site.

3) Major news... well it is in my opinion, today I finally received the production lot for "Bexi Warrior Princess", "The Tenderiser (Hammerman), and Aliwen Space Ranger and some more casts of the Grekwood mini!

I am pleased to finally announce that The Tenderiser will be released tomorrow (Monday 13th May). He will retail for £8.25 as he is the biggest figure (weight/metal wise) on my website!

Bexi and the Space Ranger will be up either later this month or early June. This is because I am going to paint up some of the Bexi character as commissions for some people who are not really into the hobby, but would like one as they know the person it is based on (so cosplayers).

4) Umm..what else... I have some 28mm scale resin/metal vehicles which I will also put online soon. So stay tuned for those. They are from a range called "28mm moderns". There will be a small tank, and a few people carrier ones with a few guns here and there. Here's one of them. It's a Pinzgauer. This particular one was painted by my brother Gareth. He also put transparent sheets onto it for windscreens. Oh and to the right is my poor attempt at painting the werewolves...and a base I made for one of them :)

Ok, think that's all for now........... yep, can't think!! As always, sorry for not getting around the blogs, I don't seem to come on here much any more as I tend to do a lot of updates through Facebook, but it's something I don't want to abandon as it's a great community here.