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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Ritual/Summoning Circles

Hi everyone,

It's been a while again since I wrote a blog. I don't really come here much any more as I get occupied with Facebook or other matters, so apologies for not "getting involved" with things.

I uploaded a few more items to our website. So here they are:

Ritual Circles (
These come in 3 sizes (S M and L), the smaller ones are perfect for markers or for placing underneath a characters base. The M and L ones are perfect as more of a centrepiece or something eye catching on a table. They can be used to summon demons/spirits, cast spells, make sacrifices, or even used as teleportation devices to get from one realm to another... or just to get from one part of the table to another.

For all you zombie fans, maybe it could be a place where the darkness originated and spawns from?!

So anyway, here's some photos (Click them for size info and bigger pictures).



Clear Police Box and Solid Post Box (
Below is a clear resin police box. The clear resin means the it can be painted and the windows can be left clear to give a "real" glass effect.

Also below is a nicely detailed UK post box! It's a perfect combo along side out telephone box, so go check it all out!

Cheers guys!