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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Aliens, Guns and Pirates

I have come to realise that I don't use this blog as much as I used to when I first made it, which makes me sad, but I just don't seem to get time to write stuff like I used to or check out other blogs, so for that I apologise! On that note, I finally decided to post some stuff, so it's quite a long blog...

Lets start off with some Grekwood Minis stuff!
I haven't released anything which I have sculpted since the Fancy Dress Zombies last year. Lately I've been working on some guys/sci fi aliens to make the Bioblyte range more complete. They look different to the current Bioblytes on the website, but that's intentional. They are meant to be different as they have different purposes! The Bioblytes on the website are more "support" weapons with heavier guns. (It's not the best photo...sorry!)

The armoured guys are the regular infantry, whereas the claw guys are more expendable and are there to cause disruption amongst the enemy. I'm not sure whether they would be clones or not yet, but then i guess that's not for me to decide!

Project Zeke Miniatures
I started discussing things with Simon a few months ago, but wasn't in a position to buy in new stuff. So a few months later, I have some extra cash and started to stock some of PZM's figures! I thought they were pretty cool, and sell for an extremely good price, so why not!

I'm sure most on here have already seen them, but here they are on the right!

I believe they are most perfect for post apocalyptic games, or even during a virus outbreak! I really do like the SWAT/Security team!

Now for non-Grekwood Minis stuff ...but still rather cool...

My first Pistol Prop!

I recently started making props for cosplayers or general collecting. I decided I wanted to start off with something easy-ish. So I created a gun known as the "Paladin Pistol". It can also be used as a "Carnifex Pistol" since they are the same body, just painted up differently, and houses a different coloured LED. Furthermore, with the addition of a suppressor on the upper barrel, (and again painted differently with a different colour LED), it becomes a gun called the "Suppressor Pistol". So it's kinda 3 guns in one!

Once built, I used grey primer to show up any flaws, sanded it down, resprayed etc etc.

I decided it wasn't good enough as it is, so I decided that I was going to introduce electrics to it! Towards the front (on the sides) there's a groove where a light should be, so I will wire up some LED's and add a switch so they can be turned on or off :)

I plan to make a resin mould of this, so I can make more than one if needed ;)

Captain Hook:
I also made a cosplay costume based on a TV show called Once Upon A Time, and a character named Killian Jones/Captain Hook! I think I have posted the costume before, but just in case you haven't seen it, here's some photos (click to enlarge).

I realised a couple of days ago that I was missing the necklace which he wears, so I sculpted that too, and I think it turned out pretty well:

Well that's all for now. If anyone would like to see regular updates, go check on my "Sutherwood Photography and Cosplay" page on Facebook. It's a combination of Rovanite Cosplay and my "Carl Sutherwood Photography".

Thanks for reading everyone!