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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Weird Sci-fi Miniatures

Here's a quick update to say that I finished sculpting the next batch of miniatures. The photo below is of the weird sci fi beings pack which just need pining to "Grekwood" base tags (which I shall do shortly). They work well as zombies, or deformed people who have been experimented on. Maybe that's where the virus started?? The front of their chest has been torn open with a hole directly to their insides, it could be their only weak spot!

Other packs include some 4 nurses (as you know by now) and the other pack will contain some mutant beings with pretty big guns which some people have seen. Everyone who has seen them seem to think they are pretty cool, so fingers crossed people will like them. I'll post photos as soon as I have sent them off to the caster, which will hopefully be tomorrow.

Over and out for now. Leave your thoughts, opinions etc etc All comments are welcome. Remeber follow us on Facebook for the latest news!


Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Female Anatomy.. & Curves!

First of all, welcome to those who have recently decided to follow me, it's much appreciated!

The past couple of days I have been working on improving my female anatomy sculpting. My first sculpts ever were not the most anatomically correct (which is ok, they are zombies), so I wanted my future releases to be more feminine in shape (well, just the females that is!). So below is a quick photo of two females I have been working on. I've tried making them "curvy" in all the right places, so from a distance you can see they are female. What do you think?

Click to ZOOOOM

They are a WIP, so they are incomplete, and need to be filed down/smoothed over. I do not plan to sell them, as they are purely for my use and practice.

On a side note; that IS a dino to the right, and that is some weird sci fi guy to the left... he's just weird.

Should I finish the dinosaur and sell him on my site? What do you think of the female sculpts so far?

Cheers :)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sculpting, Laptops and other stuff

Hey there, I have split the following blog into sections, so feel free to skip to the part which may interest you!

New products on Grekwood Minaitures:
I am sitting here, waiting for an order of ProCreate putty to arrive. I missed the delivery yesterday, so they said they would deliver it today. As soon as I receive it I will post it up on the website ready for people to buy. It'll be £7.99 which I think is slightly less than the RRP.

If you are not familiar with this putty, it's like Green Stuff but I find it much smoother and far easier to mix together. Also, if you haven't already, check out my previous blog for the new resin bases which we are now selling.

Sculpting is going ok, slow, but steady. I'm really happy with 4 of the new sculpts i've done. They are kinda of mutants who have large guns. They will work for zombie games, or alien invasions, or pretty much any sci-fi game where you want beings who have been experimented on. I think my sculpting on them has improved dramatically. I'll post photos soon, but not too early as I don't want anyone out there taking the ideas and producing them before I can. I'm not saying they would, but it's always a possibility, and I'm paranoid about that kind of stuff.

The new nurses look pretty decent. They are conversions of the current zombies, but I chopped them up, reposed them quite a bit, slimmed them down so they look totally different. They also have normal zombie heads too! In addition to the heads I extended their dress to the knees, added shoulder lapels, and added sleeve detail. I took away the weapons, but added some slight damage to two of them (like with the rest of the hospital packs).

New Laptop:
I recently had to buy a new laptop. My other one just decided to stop working. The screen had been "going" for a few months, so I knew it was on it's way out. Money is a bit of an issue, so I had to go for the cheapest laptop I could find (which did what I needed it to do). I ended up getting an ASUS K53E. It's not the most advanced laptop out there, but it was cheap and still looks nice (which is good!) and it does everything I need it to. 4GB of RAM doesn't seem too high these days, but it's more than enough for me as I don't play games on it (that's what the Xbox360 is for!). I mainly use it to edit photos, use Dreamweaver, and basic Word/Excel files, oh and the internet. So yeah, pretty much a great laptop for only £300.

Grammar has been bugging me on TV lately when they advertise movies and they say "out on May 25!" rather than "25th". I've said it before, but it seems even professional advertisers are just lazy or have bad grammar these days. I don't have the best, so I'm sure there are errors in this blog, but if you are professional and on TV you should have good grammar!!

Also, why is ASUS pronounced "A-soose" or "A-Zoose", surely it should be "A-sus" as in sus-pect?

Right I better get back to sculpting... but it's almost lunch time, bacon butty I think!! :D

Sunday, 13 May 2012

New Releases - Resin Bases

So I decided to work all day today (Sunday) so that I could upload some new items to my website (Grekwood Miniatures). With help from my dad we have uploaded 4 new products to the website. They are 30mm resin bases which you may have seen in some of the photos on our website (In the zombie photos).

They include:
6 x Cobble stone bases
6 x Floor tile bases (Shown to the right)

They also include two types of pavement/road bases. These are:

6 x Tarmac pavements
6 x Flag stone pavements (Shown to the right)

(More photos can be seen on the website or Facebook Page.

Each of the pavement/road packs include 2 different corner bases, 2 different straight pavement bases, 1 drainage base, and 1 road surface base. Each pack is only £2.25... it's a bargain, well, we think it is!

So that's it for now. You might like to know that new zombie nurses have been sculpted. These will have normal zombie heads and will be more "animated" in appearance. I am currently working on some sci-fi mutants too. I am hoping to get these all finished by the end of the month to give to the mould maker. But we shall see how that goes.

As always, cheers for looking and thank you to those who have purchased from us already! If you buy something and post photos online, whether on blogs or Facebook, then send me the link as I would love to see. If it's on Facebook then feel free to "TAG" Grekwood Miniatures :) Remember, Facebook is generally first to receive updates so follow us on there (If you are on there).

Cheers, Carl

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Naughty but Nice...

Yesterday I collected the second batch of painted zombies (See photo below). It's cool seeing them painted differently. 

I also really like the paintwork on Demonic Debra, she appears less demonic painted like this, more "naughty but nice" (see below):

I think I will be keeping this one as my personal collection! I had two lots painted, one for myself to keep in a cabinet, and the other lot would be to use in wargames and take to conventions etc. I really like the "demonic" painting on the other one, but there is just something about this one which makes me love it!!

Anyway, as always cheers for looking, all figures are available on the website. Join us on Facebook, buy some stuff if you like it, and comments are always welcome :)
We're on Facebook too!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Rover Has Landed...

Hello Reader!

I've recently started using the name "Rovanite", but some may know me as "The-Rover" or Grekwood's Brother! I only just created this blog so there isn't much here yet. I plan to use this as a personal type of blog where I can talk about anything, and somewhere where I can also promote my new business venture.

A few days ago I launched my own business "Grekwood Miniatures" (Or as the bank has called it "Minatures"'s missing an "i"!!). I have started to sell a range of zombie/fantasy and sci-fi miniatures war game figures and accessories (mainly 28mm scale). The business was created to honour the memory of my brother Gareth aka Grekwood, who sadly passed away in July 2011.

So far it's been going well, I've had a decent amount orders (more so than I anticipated), so all in all it's been a good launch. I'm currently working on a new group of figures, which I can already seen an vast improvement in my sculpting, so that's good. I will hopefully get the next group ready for casting by the end of May, and for sale around the end of June/beginning of July.

If you have bought things from Grekwood Miniatures then please feel free to add links to blogs and forums, and spread the word!!

Umm, think that's all for now, so check out the website "" and leave a comment on here, or buy stuff haha

Ok, cheers...