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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Residential Roads PDF

I want to start by showing off the "new" logo. I redesigned the monk part to incorporate Gareth more, as he is of course "Grekwood". The old one never quite looked finished as it was more of a "sketch" look. So this is a proper picture now.

Now...for those roads!
As mentioned in an earlier post, we have been creating some roads for personal use, but have decided that since they have been made, why not pop them on the website for others if they want them. If not, we haven't lost anything as we wanted them to begin with, So it's a win win!

We made 6 basic road pieces which should allow for the creation of most road scenarios. The plain roads with no lines are for side streets. It's probably worth pointing out, these are for residential areas and not cities or towns. 

Click to zooOOMM

I have almost finished a documentation/instructions, so they will most likely be online soon. Finally, the corner was made as a "right angle" to make it easier to build and you don't get waste paper/cardboard which you do when cutting out a curved corner.

Each piece is 6" by 6", with the pavements being 1" and the roads being 4" wide. The pavements are also designed to be "raised" by 5mm. But this can be changed. I will explain how to do a conversion in the documentation, but it is really simple to do. So it means you can either have them flat, raise the pavements by 5mm, or anywhere in between.

That's it for now, cheers for reading, comment as always are welcome!


  1. They look great. I take it these are designed for UK roads or could they be reversed for those everywhere else.

    1. Thanks! Yeah they are designed for UK roads, so I don't think there is a way to reverse them... I mean I could on my computer, but not once they are in the PDF.

  2. I agree with Brummie, they do look great.

  3. Very nice looking roads. I like the option of raised sections.

  4. very nice Carl; especially like the idea of the raised pavements