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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Birthday!! ...A zombie and some PDF Stuff

Welcome to the new followers! I hope you will find many things to keep you interested!

Two days ago it was my 28th birthday. I had a lamp which has 2 magnifying glasses built into it from my wife. It really helps a lot when doing really small details on the figures so will be extremely useful in the future (and hopefully help save my eyes!! haha).

From my parents I had a Roman centurion sword! Its a working replica, so it's basically a real centurion sword made how it should be (just made in the 21st century haha).
The centurion sword has solid brass parts, a thick blade and a super sharp point. It also has a leather scabbard/sheath. It's pretty heavy for its size!

I now have a large collection of swords. Mainly Samurai swords (a mixture of Katanas, Wakisashis, and Tantos), about 11 or so I think. Some are display models which have thinner blades and are blunt, and would not stand long in a fight, and some are working replicas. Basically that means they are built how they should be, sharp, and thick blades. I have a real samurai sword from WW2 ... or 1... I think WW2. I have a working replica of the "Kill Bill" sword, which I can't seem to find online anymore. It's all the blunt versions, or ones where the handle isn't wrapped in leather.

Ok... Now Grekwood Minis News:

I have been working on the supermarket PDF. I have been making the shelves to decorate the interior (although not as detailed as Joe's supermarket over at Zabadaks should check it out, it's super impressive!!). I have tried to customise each piece on the shelves so that it isn't just colour blocks, so this is what I have so far (below). I still need to fill up the shelves a bit more. I don't want "fully stocked" shelves, so there will be the odd gap or two where products have been taken off by customers, to help add a bit of realism.

Hospital PDF
I do still plan to bring out the expansion pack for this hospital. It may have to wait until early spring as I have a lot of stuff going on at the moment, but I haven't forgot about it, so keep an eye out!

Zombie bust
Last thing: here's a WIP of the zombie bust I am making:

Ok, that's all for now. I need to try and get back into the blog scene, with more blog updates as they are becoming less over the past few months.

Cheers for looking!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

New Stuff: Zombies, Roads, Buildings and a Bust

It's been a while since I did a blog post, a week and 5 days in fact!

So new releases:

I have uploaded 2 new road packs to the website. This completes the "town" range. The two packs have single yellow lines, and double yellow lines, along with an extra minor side road which has either a cobble style road or smaller paving slabs.

Here are the large photos from the website, I decided to put a car on there for "scale".

Town Centre - Restricted Parking (Single yellow lines)

Town Centre - No Waiting (Double yellow lines)

I still haven't uploaded that snow flock I have... So I must get round to doing that.

Supermarket zombies and building
The supermarket range should be coming back from the painter next week, so my next blog post will hopefully be showing off them all painted.

I have decided to build a local store as well as a large superstore. I am part way through designing the local store. It will have a small staff room, store room (not warehouse) and an office. It will also be the first building that I will be fully furnishing with paper freezers, shelves, veg stands, counters and so forth. The local store will be 12" x 12" in size, perfect for use with our roads (or with other companies products of course!).

Here's the bust I have been working on. The image is a few days old so it is a bit different now. What do you think? Still early days... and she will have long hair (yes I decided to go with a female), so features are less dominant than what a males would be. If she turns out well I will cast her in resin. I'm going with a mini head wound, a cheek wound, wearing around the mouth, and a neck wound which hasn't been done yet).


I think that is all for now... Apologies once again for not getting around all the blogs I usually go through, it's just been a very busy couple of week. January and so far February have been extremely busy with online orders and other shenanigans!

Thanks to all for reading!