Grekwood Miniatures

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Weird Sci-fi Miniatures

Here's a quick update to say that I finished sculpting the next batch of miniatures. The photo below is of the weird sci fi beings pack which just need pining to "Grekwood" base tags (which I shall do shortly). They work well as zombies, or deformed people who have been experimented on. Maybe that's where the virus started?? The front of their chest has been torn open with a hole directly to their insides, it could be their only weak spot!

Other packs include some 4 nurses (as you know by now) and the other pack will contain some mutant beings with pretty big guns which some people have seen. Everyone who has seen them seem to think they are pretty cool, so fingers crossed people will like them. I'll post photos as soon as I have sent them off to the caster, which will hopefully be tomorrow.

Over and out for now. Leave your thoughts, opinions etc etc All comments are welcome. Remeber follow us on Facebook for the latest news!



  1. Looking promising indeed!

    AND looking forward to the new nurses.

    1. Cheers, the plan is to send them off to the casters, so within the next few weeks they will hopefully be ready for sale :)

  2. Hi, Carl, I've just started following your blog. I don't know why it took me so long to find it. Nevermind. I've nearly finished painting your first 16 zombies and I'm also looking forward to the new zombie nurses. I'm glad that you're offering both sets of nurses. I must admit that painting your figures has been a labour of love. I'll post a review of them as soon as I can.
    All the best from Vampifan.

    1. Hey! Cheers for the follow :) I'm glad you have enjoyed painting them, and I'm excited to see them painted. I will be sending the new batch of figures to the caster tomorrow. So near the end of June they will hopefully be on sale :) Cheers again!