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Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Rover Has Landed...

Hello Reader!

I've recently started using the name "Rovanite", but some may know me as "The-Rover" or Grekwood's Brother! I only just created this blog so there isn't much here yet. I plan to use this as a personal type of blog where I can talk about anything, and somewhere where I can also promote my new business venture.

A few days ago I launched my own business "Grekwood Miniatures" (Or as the bank has called it "Minatures"'s missing an "i"!!). I have started to sell a range of zombie/fantasy and sci-fi miniatures war game figures and accessories (mainly 28mm scale). The business was created to honour the memory of my brother Gareth aka Grekwood, who sadly passed away in July 2011.

So far it's been going well, I've had a decent amount orders (more so than I anticipated), so all in all it's been a good launch. I'm currently working on a new group of figures, which I can already seen an vast improvement in my sculpting, so that's good. I will hopefully get the next group ready for casting by the end of May, and for sale around the end of June/beginning of July.

If you have bought things from Grekwood Miniatures then please feel free to add links to blogs and forums, and spread the word!!

Umm, think that's all for now, so check out the website "" and leave a comment on here, or buy stuff haha

Ok, cheers...


  1. Looking forward to my zombie nurses!

    (If you need something as a banner my girlfriend can make one for you, she did the one I have on my blog)

    1. The conversion (normal head) zombies are coming along nicely :)

      Cheers, I'll keep the banner idea in mind. I just gave the blog quick "face-lift" for now using the tools available. I like the "spacey" feel :)

  2. Glad its a been a success and look forward to seeing more releases