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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sculpting, Laptops and other stuff

Hey there, I have split the following blog into sections, so feel free to skip to the part which may interest you!

New products on Grekwood Minaitures:
I am sitting here, waiting for an order of ProCreate putty to arrive. I missed the delivery yesterday, so they said they would deliver it today. As soon as I receive it I will post it up on the website ready for people to buy. It'll be £7.99 which I think is slightly less than the RRP.

If you are not familiar with this putty, it's like Green Stuff but I find it much smoother and far easier to mix together. Also, if you haven't already, check out my previous blog for the new resin bases which we are now selling.

Sculpting is going ok, slow, but steady. I'm really happy with 4 of the new sculpts i've done. They are kinda of mutants who have large guns. They will work for zombie games, or alien invasions, or pretty much any sci-fi game where you want beings who have been experimented on. I think my sculpting on them has improved dramatically. I'll post photos soon, but not too early as I don't want anyone out there taking the ideas and producing them before I can. I'm not saying they would, but it's always a possibility, and I'm paranoid about that kind of stuff.

The new nurses look pretty decent. They are conversions of the current zombies, but I chopped them up, reposed them quite a bit, slimmed them down so they look totally different. They also have normal zombie heads too! In addition to the heads I extended their dress to the knees, added shoulder lapels, and added sleeve detail. I took away the weapons, but added some slight damage to two of them (like with the rest of the hospital packs).

New Laptop:
I recently had to buy a new laptop. My other one just decided to stop working. The screen had been "going" for a few months, so I knew it was on it's way out. Money is a bit of an issue, so I had to go for the cheapest laptop I could find (which did what I needed it to do). I ended up getting an ASUS K53E. It's not the most advanced laptop out there, but it was cheap and still looks nice (which is good!) and it does everything I need it to. 4GB of RAM doesn't seem too high these days, but it's more than enough for me as I don't play games on it (that's what the Xbox360 is for!). I mainly use it to edit photos, use Dreamweaver, and basic Word/Excel files, oh and the internet. So yeah, pretty much a great laptop for only £300.

Grammar has been bugging me on TV lately when they advertise movies and they say "out on May 25!" rather than "25th". I've said it before, but it seems even professional advertisers are just lazy or have bad grammar these days. I don't have the best, so I'm sure there are errors in this blog, but if you are professional and on TV you should have good grammar!!

Also, why is ASUS pronounced "A-soose" or "A-Zoose", surely it should be "A-sus" as in sus-pect?

Right I better get back to sculpting... but it's almost lunch time, bacon butty I think!! :D


  1. Can't wait to see the new sculpts. I'm especially excited about the altered nurses. I knew you were going to give them regular zombie heads, but I didn't realize you were going to make so many other changes, including no weapons. I'll need those now.

    No idea on the pronunciation of the ASUS, but I think I would go with A-sus.

  2. Yeah I thought rather than just putting out the same sculpt with a different head, I may as well change it up a bit, so people who have both zombie nurse packs won't feel cheated as they'll get two different looking nurse packs :) I agree, a-sus all the way haha

  3. Cheers, for the follow, I will return the favour in a second :)
    I will likely be putting in order when I next get paid so looking forward to seeing the new sculpts.

    1. No problemo! I saw your blog on as a link from Vampifan's page. I like you painting, and you did an excellent job on those skips!

  4. The new zombie nurses sound like the bees knees - absolute must haves.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one cheesed off at declining standards of grammar on TV. I could put it down to me being a grumpy old git but that still doesn't condone it. Also, why can't folk say numerals the way they should be spoken? A product that cost £479 should not be described as costing four-seven-nine. It costs four hundred and seventy nine pounds! Is that too hard to say?

  5. Exactly, it's just annoying how people can't speak properly anymore :/