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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Naughty but Nice...

Yesterday I collected the second batch of painted zombies (See photo below). It's cool seeing them painted differently. 

I also really like the paintwork on Demonic Debra, she appears less demonic painted like this, more "naughty but nice" (see below):

I think I will be keeping this one as my personal collection! I had two lots painted, one for myself to keep in a cabinet, and the other lot would be to use in wargames and take to conventions etc. I really like the "demonic" painting on the other one, but there is just something about this one which makes me love it!!

Anyway, as always cheers for looking, all figures are available on the website. Join us on Facebook, buy some stuff if you like it, and comments are always welcome :)
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  1. She is more human this way, amazing what a paintscheme can do to the perception of a miniature.

    And as you mention the zombies can differ alot rom painter to painter although they are the same miniature.

    1. Yeah she does. This is how I envisioned her, with more pale skin. The demonic look of the other one is an awesome twist and works better for her name though!

  2. AS said on FB cracking paint job. It's amazing how much potential figures have when painted differently

    1. Yeah it really helps bring out detail and add something "extra" to the figures. By putting the same figure next to each other it's amazing how different a paint job can make them :)