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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Painting, Zombies/T-shirt, and Zulu Wars

 Hi Guys, I thought I would do a mini blog of something I haven't shown anywhere else.

Apart from sculpting the latest batch of zombies, I have been busy painting up the Wargames Factory Vixens and Male horde. In the photos below you can see the progress so far.

Hopefully they won't take too long to paint up since my dad and I plan to test out the rules he wrote, so we need tons of zombies!!
In the top photo, to the left of the photo, there is a female zombie about to "high five" a male zombie...

Apart from the zombies, I also have to paint up the survivors and the Dreamforge guys. I might leave the Dreamforge guys for a Christmas thing if I get bored lol

Zombie Range
I should have my new zombie range sorted this week, so off to the casters by the weekend. Hopefully they will be back in my hands around mid to late September, so in time for some Halloween gaming!!

If any of you guys are interested (or know of anyone who might be) I also decided to get in the Zulu wars range from WGF too. I have to order a certain amount of items each time I "re-order", so sometimes it's easier to buy a whole new range to make up the numbers. I do love the Zulu Wars though, so it worked out well, but that will be the last of the WGF stuff, as I don't want it taking over the website... like it's starting too!

Finally, someone mentioned T-shirts on Facebook today, which made be do this (Ignore the dotted line):

Kinda thought the zombie bust would make a cool zombie t shirt. I may be alone in that thought though!! haha Maybe I might do it... I dunno lol With a bit of photoshop i think it could work...

Anyway.. that's about it really, not much else going on. I've been a bit down today, staring at my bro's photo or into "space" for ages and not really getting much done :( ...Hopefully I'll "bounce back" tomorrow :)


  1. Really looking forward to the next zombie line!

    And you...Like every other gamer...have several projects going at the same time ;-)

    I like the t-shirt... Though I think it could do with a bit of red!

    Your brother is looking back at you mate! Wanting you to keep rocking!

    1. Yeah..zombie blood. I didn't know whether to actually get these made and sell them...but it's expensive, and I don't think they worould sell lol

      It's good to have more than one thing on the go, give you a break and something different to do, otherwise I'd go crazy (I have a short attention span sometimes).

  2. Sweet treat mean they won't be on the table long!

    1. Hopefully no zombie is ever on the table too long ;)

  3. For me the WGF Zulu range is a no go.... already got to much to paint. Again I am not a zombie tee shirt buyer either. But new figures always spark my interest. Even If I don't purchase straight away.

    1. To be honest I don't expect the Zulu War stuff to sell much at all. I only bought them to "make up" order numbers. If they dont sell then I can always have fun making them up :D

      I wasn't serious about the t shirt, although if there was interest in the idea I might change my mind, but for now I'm no fashion designer haha

      Yay for new figures! :D