Grekwood Miniatures

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

10% OFF Most Accessories

I have decided to give a 10% discount (through email order, not through the website) on most of the accessories I stock.

When you hover over "Accessories" on the menu, you will see sub sections called "Scenery", "Sculpting" and "Other". I have decided to give a 10% discount on everything under those 3 sections (apart from putty).

September 30th is the last day of the deal. You MUST email me with your order and I will send you a payment request, as it is not available through the website. Any website orders will NOT get the discount.

POSTAGE still applies to all orders.

Here's a little photo:

Cheers guys, spread the news with anyone you might think will be interested :)


  1. That's interesting. I was looking at ordering some trees when I place an order from some Wargames Factory sets. Should I just order the zombies through the website and email you separately about the trees?

    1. Umm it's probably best to do it all in one go, otherwise I get "attacked" with two lots of transaction fees.

      So whenever you are ready just send me an email with the exact stuff you would like, and I'll calculate it with correct postage etc etc Also, heads up, I don't have many trees left in stock, but hopefully I have the ones you want :)