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Saturday, 3 August 2013

FREE Give-away!! Must like Facebook Page!

I know everyone here who has Facebook probably already "likes" my Grekwood Miniatures page, but I thought it would be worth posting here just in case someone didn't, or you think someone might be interested in this mini give-away.

Basically I have a couple of items, which I thought would be nice to give to a random person who has "liked" the Facebook page.

The winner can choose any of the 3 items A, B or C.

A - The Tenderiser, A 46mm miniature
B - Bexi Warrior Princess
C - 3 of the Zombie Nurses (not 4 like on the website)

Ends August 31st 2013

Please feel free to go to the Facebook page and SHARE this image to get more people involved! Or spread it in any way you can think of.

Cheers to everyone who has done it so far :)

Oh finally: Female Survivors from WGF - I WILL be stocking these later this month, so please check us out if you are in Europe since you won't have to pay heavy postage (like you would buying straight from WGF).


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