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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Zombie Men now Available

First off I want to say "Happy Birthday" to my dad since it is his brithday (25th July), so I hope he has a great day!! :D (or rather last night), I uploaded the Wargames Factory "Zombie Men Horde". This means I now stock all of their zombie range!

New Range in Progress:

On sculpting front, I have been busy sculpting a new batch of zombies!!

So now for the details... They will be based around a "fancy dress" theme, this is partly because they will be released around Halloween (hopefully). I thought it would make a fun addition to the group, and would provide some interesting painting and costumes for the zombies rather than just regular clothes.

It's assumed that a deadly virus hit whilst some people were at a party, or trick or treating, or whatever you like really! I don't have any WIP at the moment, but some costumes include a witch, French maid, ghost (one with a sheet over them), and a guy dressed as Frankenstein monster :P

As always there will be 16, with 8 females and 8 Males... gotta keep an equal balance!

Ok that's all for now, go check out the website, it's growing all the time, and fast too :)


  1. Well done on continues expansion mate! As for the WIP zombies, do show ASAP :P

    1. Thanks! Lol Yeah maybe some WIP shots next month, I don't want to advertise them too early and people get fed up of them by the time they arrive :P