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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Dreamforge now available! (and more zombies)

So this month (July) I have uploaded the Time Lost investigators, but I have also released a number of plastic figures.

They are known as the "Dreamforge Stormtroopers". I saw these a month or so ago and thought they were pretty awesome. So I picked up some for myself, and some for the website!

I stock all the main troop/accessory packs:

10 Man Stormtrooper pack
20 Man Stormtrooper pack
Accessory pack
Support weapons pack

You should find that the price I am charging is less than most (if not every ) places in the UK. So think of it like I have discounted each box :P

I have also decided to stock the Wargames Factory "Female vixens" and the "Zombie Survivors: The Men"

So I will post those up next week too. I was going to wait until August to try and spread things out a little, but though, why not!


The zombie bust will be on sale tomorrow!!!

Anyway, that's all for now!


  1. Not seen the Dream forge before....... they look nice. I am now wondering what I can use them for. There must be a really good Skirmish game for 28mm sci fi figures.... I shall have to ponder this some more.

    1. I only found out about them a month or so ago, which is strange since there was a whole Kickstarter project with the last year.

      They are cool because they can either be used as a near future army, or even because of their face masks, they could be used as an apocalyptic clean up teams to kill off the zombies! I plan to use them against the bioblytes range(which I'm expanding) :D

  2. Some Great additions to the store!

    1. Why thank you! The business is slowly expanding! :D