Grekwood Miniatures

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Redesigned Front Page

I decided to change up the front page of the website. I thought that people may not scroll down to read the "What's New?" section, so I have decided to bring this to the top of the page. I also wanted to keep the large "promo" photo at the top too. So, I have shifted it all around as shown below:

There will now be 3 images instead of one. The top two will showcase new-ish stuff, whilst the bottom one will show random older things which are still cool :P

Each image will change randomly when the "refresh" button is clicked. Sometimes it may not appear to change because it's random, so something can be chosen more than once. You can't click on the images, but the text on them shows where to find them.

The right hand column shows the "What's New?" stuff, which is now more visible without scrolling down.

On another note:
A few days ago my wife went into hospital to have a second/final operation to put everything right. She's doing well and should be home in the next day or two. So yay!


  1. I don't know how fresh your post is, but it doesn't work to me :P

    Glad to hear your wife is fine, hopefully she won't have to undertake any other operations any time soon!

    1. Lol I proabably should have mentioned it's not "live" yet. I plan to change it when I upload new stuff in July lol :P

  2. Glad to hear the other half is recovering well :D. Will go have a mooch round the site.

    1. Thanks! This version of the site isn't live yet, but will be soon :)

  3. Glad the wifey is recovering. We are very lucky to have free health care of such a good standard in the UK. (yes I am bias as I work for the NHS).

    Let us all know when the site goes live so we can all have a good look round....