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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Supreme Dalek Princess

I have released to the world of Facebook my Supreme Dalek Princess! Here she is below:

I'm happy with how she has turned out, and Bexi (who it is based on) seems to be very happy and excited about it too, so yay! 

I have one last figure to complete (the 9ft tall man with an axe/hammer thingy-ma-bob). He is coming along nicely, and I am aiming to finish him by next week. Then, it's off to get them moulded along with the Grekwood Mini sculpted by Inso. Hopefully if all goes to plan, these will be available in time for Christmas.

In other news, the Hospital PDF has now be adjusted for American "Letter" size paper. I never thought about converting it from the UK paper size until the other day, as a customer from America bought everything hospital related on my website, so I decided to re-arrange some of the longer printouts so that they fit on American size paper.

So for future note, if anyone from America reads this, the PDF is now available in "Letter" size!

Finally, zombie progress is...progressing. I have focused my time on getting the big 45mm guy and the princess finished so they can go off for casting. But as soon as they are done, I'll be back onto the zombies.

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  1. On the letter....On the hospital!

    Looking good, a nice little innocent lady!