Grekwood Miniatures

Friday, 26 October 2012

Zombies and a Man with an Axe

We have recently just organised our first show!! In January we will be heading to "Crusade" here in Cardiff. It seems like a perfect place to start shows as it's only a few minutes away, which means cheap travel and no overnight expenses, so pretty much just the table cost!

So yeah, 26th (I think) of January, Crusade!!!!

In other news, progress on sculpting is going well. As I plan to go to a show/convention in January, I have decided that I want to have a few of the "extras" I've been working on ready. They include the Grekwood sculpt (Sculpted by Inso), the Dalek Princess, which I am thinking of making the "Bioblyte Princess" for my mutant guys which I plan to make into a range some time, and finally the 45mm guy who carries a large axe/hammer thing... he's also linked to zombies :P

I will also ave the 16 new zombies ready in time for christmas...hopefully!

Umm I better start getting ready soon; at lunch time we are leaving for Surrey for the CGD weekend! Should be fun, I get to test out my costume... which looks like this:

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As always, cheers for ready :)


  1. Good luck at the show, hope it drums up some business. Can't wait to see the new sculpts either.

    Oh, and nice costume, matey!

  2. Aaaaarrrrrrrvvvvvv a good weekend me matie. Har har!

    Seriously though have a good weekend and your first show will be great!

    1. Thanks!! We had a great weekend, and the costumes were a success! We have bought some nice display cases for the minis, so i'll post photos when I have them set up!