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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Bioblytes and Armless Beings

I have just made a few updates to the website. I have now uploaded the following into the Mutants section:


"Armless Beings"

So since yesterday, NEW zombie nurses, Bioblytes and Armless Beings are all now available. So go to and check them out!

In the Information" tab, I have added a page which shows all "recently uploaded" items. So if you want to check out what has been uploaded and when, this is the place to go!

I have also changed/added to the "Miniatures" and "Accessories" tabs, so they are all updated.

I think those are all the updates to the website :)

As mentioned yesterday, I will write another blog in a few days with information and photos of the hospital building I am...building..

Cheers again!


  1. Very nice as always. At this point I don't have much use for them, but if I ever get to my sci fi project, I'm pretty sure I'll at least grab the Bioblytes, as they look very fun to paint up.

    1. Cheers Adam! Yeah they do look interesting to paint, I may have to try it myself (a good way for me to practice! hehe).

  2. Bioblyetes could well be going my way. Nurgle worshipper cult!!!

    Looking pretty good mate!

    1. Cheers Johnny! Nurgle Worshipper cult???

  3. You seriously need to put a link to your webpage on this blog, Carl, so I can admire the new stuff on the page itself :P

    I have to say again i really like the bioblytes. I am not fan of scifi much, but I when I saw those, I was thinking what could I play to get those in the games, hehe. They do look kinda grainy, tho, but that is probably white primer?

    Nice to see the shop growing larger, keep up the good work!

    1. Haha, the main photo at the top is a link (it's just not obvious). I need to change it (might do that now..).

      Grainy?? Hmmm could be the white primer, or photo quality. They are metal like everything else, so primer would make most sense! We plan to try and incorporate them into a zombie or apocalypse game in some way, but I'm sure they can be used in whatever way you like, that's the beauty of them!

      Cheers for the support mate :)

    2. Much better now! :D

      Ah, thats great idea! Maybe like in NMRIH, you would have a game with basic zombies and could also play with other types, or in this case, not a zombie but a mutant and an alien. I'm pretty sure you could come up with a story of alien invasion of earth (cheesy but it can justify everything) and make a campaign for some poor civilians turned survivors or even cheesier, secret agency agents, fighting not the zeds (aliens' minions) but aliens themselves, not to survive but to save the in black style! :D