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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Past Present and Future

I have recently converted one of my alien figures (Alliwen). He wasn't the best sculpt out there, but I think I have improved on him by doing this conversion. What do you think? He isn't finished, I still need to do some work on the arms and the guns, and put some soles on his space shoes.

Me and Sculpting
In July I will have been sculpting for about a year. I did some sculpting for about a month during the summer of 2008, but everything was new to me and it was mainly just getting to know the putty and sorting out how to even use the stuff. After a month of messing around, I stopped sculpting and went back to university as it was the summer holidays. I never touched it again until 2011. I decided to go back to sculpting as I had finished university, and I thought when my brother got out of hospital it's something we could do together. I mean we shared pretty much most things in common, but this would be something new.

I finished most of Executioner Steve and I took a photo to show Gareth in hospital. I think he saw him... I hope he did, he was on a  lot of meds at the time, so he was very sleepy. As you probably know near the end of July everything went wrong, and my motivation for everything completely went. I used to be a semi/pro photographer, I did some work for friends and was even published in a monthly paper for a whole year as I did work for the university. But since my bro passed, I have just lost motivation for it and have kinda given up on it.

A few weeks after my bro passed, I decided to get back into the sculpting and try and do something with it (such as opening up Grekwood Miniatures). Sculpting has been on and off since then, so technically it hasn't really been a full year. I only sculpt for around an hour a day, maybe 2 as it's scattered throughout the day (few minutes here and there). Some days I don't do anything as I work on other stuff (either web design or accessories.. or just time off). If I was to add up all the days and time, it would probably only be a few months of 9-5 work. So not bad for such a short time and no prior experience...right??? It helps to think that way lol

So... The Future
Personally I can see an improvement in my sculpting (seen in the batch of sci-fi things a couple of blogs ago).  I am starting to put more detail into figures and I am making edges crisper and more defined. Hopefully people will see that they are improving too, and they will continue to do so. I have definitely not peaked, this is simply the beginning.

After the current batch of sci fi stuff (and new zom nurses) which are with the caster, I will be producing another range of 16 zombies. But I won't be able to do get them cast until I have made enough money from other figures/accessories as it all cost a lot to do, so please share as much as you can. I really appreciate everyone who has promoted Grekwood Miniatueres already, so thank you BIG time! :)

I have a few ideas for future moulds which should keep me going for a long time. They include a mixture of zombie ranges and sci-fi things as I want to try and put out an equal amount to attract as many people as I can.

Umm that's it for now, sorry for the long blog, unless you like ready long blogs, then you're welcome lol

Cheers for reading,


  1. Looks cool. Could he be the start of the Apocalypse!

    1. Cheers! Lol that's what my dad says, he want's to play a game where the alien lands, and brings the mutants I sculpted with him, and then they turn everyone into zombies lol ...And so it begins :P

  2. That was a great idea!!!!! Hehe...

    It all has to start somewhere, and you have made good progress. Keep it up mate.

  3. hehe, when they are cast and all painted, I think I might just play that game :D

  4. Just because I read this post...I went and took my alien and gave him an aliengun from Reaper.

  5. Carl, never apologise for your blog being too long. We gamers have an insatiable appetite for wanting to know what's going on. You remind me of Sally and Kevin at Hasslefree, always explaining what's going on in their world. If you're going to emulate your company on anyone's then Hasslefree is the best to look out for inspiration.

    I like the fact that you can spare the time to interact with your customers. I know it eats into your spare time but I'd just like to say it is appreciated.

    I like what you're doing and, yes, I can see an improvement in your work. Your new zombie nurses, for example, are much better than the original ones. You're definitely heading in the right direction and I wish you every success.

    1. Cheers Vampifan :) I try to reply to people as soon as I can. It's always good to keep in contact with people if they want to be kept "in contact" with. It helps with promoting things and getting to know what they are into and so forth. You should see a difference in the next batch of zombies when they are ready :)

  6. Well, if it helps, you are my hero...right after Brummie! :D

    I never found aliens appealing myself, but those are some sexy pants you've put on that guy! :D

    Keep improving and make sure you produce just a tiny percentage more of the zombie stuff, compared to sci fi, because living dead are way cooler! :D

    1. A hero?! Why thank you kind sir :D

      Hehe, sexy pants? I assume you are referring to the trousers?? Pants/trousers... it confuses me often haha Lol I'm sure there will be slightly more zombies :)