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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hospital Beds - Pricing and Selling

Sorry for once again adding another blog post in such a short time. I'm mainly posting this because Blogger doesn't alert people when they receive replies to their comments. It only seems to alert people when they receive comments on their own blog, but not other peoples (as far as I know). So this is the only way I can ensure that those who asked questions will see the answers as they were asked by quite a few, and they concern everyone who is interested in the beds. I updated my last blog with this information, but thought I would post it as a new blog by itself.

So, here is how I will be selling the beds!

I will be selling the beds in 8 different packs. 4 packs with people, and 4 without. They will be as follows: ALL packs come with 2 bed undercarriage parts. So each pack has 4 components.

Pack 1 - 2 empty made beds 
Pack 2 - 2 untidy/messy beds (flat)
Pack 3 - 2 untidy messy beds sitting up (when beds are made they are laid flat, so it seemed right to make these messy)
Pack 4 - 1 Storage bed and 1 bare mattress bed (possibly for conversions or just as an empty bed with no sheets).

Pack 5 - Male corpse (sheet over head) and Male half eaten guy sitting up
Pack 6 - Female corpse (sheet over head) and Female half eaten sitting up
Pack 7 - Normal male patient, one sitting and one laying down
Pack 8 - Normal female patient, one sitting and one laying down

Each pack will cost £2.75 but I plan to give a 10% discount if you buy all of packs 1-4 and also a 10% discount if you buy all of packs 5-8. If you want all 8 packs then you get a further discount on top of those. The discounts are to ensure that stock levels go down as equally as possible and also, the more you buy the cheaper it becomes. The cost was based on the amount of resin used in each bed/undercarriage, which is the equivalent to about 3 or so 28mm figures. So each pack you receive, is the equivalent of about 6 or more figures!

Ok...  I hope that caters to most of your needs. Unfortunately I can't make everything that is suggested, but I think that covers most things... for now :P Now I should get back to finished those beds!

Thanks again for reading! :)


  1. That's fantastic Carl - and certainly no need to apologise for posting!

    So now the question is ... when can we get them? I'll be wanting all 8 packs as a start!

    1. Umm, I should have them finished this week, so I am waiting for my new batch of figures to come back from the caster (as they include nurse zombies which I know some people want), so it'll help them save postage if I upload all at the same time, it's also less trips to the post office!

      The only other thing is, depending if you are outside of the UK, then you'll need to contact me to calculate postage as the rates only really cover the UK. It's a pain... paypal is a pain lol

  2. That's great news. I'm thinking I'm going to need all 8, and then some. :)

    1. hehe yay! I'm glad you like them! Just so you are aware (if you haven't seen on my site), people from outside of the UK need to contact me about postage as the rates only really cover the UK and paypal won't allow me to charge different postage to different countries. It's annoying... I need to work on a proper solution. It shouldn't be too much more though, so don't worry :)

  3. I WANT!!!''Hehe they are great and you full know what I plan for them!!!

    Oh and I am outside Uk mate ;-)

  4. hehe I know you are! When I get them cast all up, I'll have to weight them, then I'll probably write a blog all about it. I'll paint them up too, so hopefully my painting wont be too bad! lol