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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mass Effect 3 - Extended Cut

Today's blog is different to my usual blogs. It's nothing about figures, or anything related to my business, but this time it is about my favourite video game of recent years, called Mass Effect. I've tried not to give any spoilers away (as much as I wanted to).

I am a huge fan of this game, and have played each ME1 and ME2 numerous times. Mass Effect 3 (ME3) was released in March this year, and although the game lived up to the amazing standard, the ending (last 10-20 minutes of cinematic stuff and dialogue) let it down.

If you are not familiar with the Mass Effect trilogy, then in short it's about an alien machine race who come to the galaxy every 50,000 years and wipe out nearly all of organic and synthetic life, leaving the not so advanced species to develop for the next 50k years. So your goal in the 3rd game is to unite all the races in the galaxy and go to an all out final war against the big machines and prevent them from killing everyone in your 50k cycle. Depending on the choices you make throughout the game, the outcome of the final battle will change quite a bit.

Without giving anything away, the original ending was ok, but created many questions which left you more confused than when the ending started. It also seemed rushed compared to the rest of the game, as if they had "run out of steam" and tried to get it done quicker. It had some plot holes and it left you feeling like you only had part of an ending and they were hiding the rest of it. It also made you not want to re-play the game as you knew that was at the end.

Luckily, Bioware decided to fix this by bringing out an "Extended Cut" DLC (download content) for free (always good!).

So today I downloaded it and played the ending a few times to see some of the various endings. I just want to say, for me it was worth the wait. Each of the numerous endings (there's quite a few different outcomes), were explained in much more depth and detail. There was far more clarity and much more thought went into explaining how each ending/choice made a difference to the future. Also, the plot holes that I had problems with were answered through extra scenes which made me happy. For me it turned a not so amazing ending into a great one, and it makes a decent ending to a trilogy. I would have liked to see maybe one or two extra things added, but I won't complain as they have already improved it dramatically!

What Really Grinds My Gears:
What really bugs me is the so called "fans" who complain in a vile manor and then hate the DLC and anything Bioware say before the DLC has even been released. I understand people were not happy with the original ending, but don't complain like it's the end of the world (well... it kinda is in the game, but I mean in real life). Some people just can't be pleased no matter how much you try to please them. So at the end of the day it's their loss right?

It's just silly that many people threw hate and abuse at Bioware for ruining the game (failing to remember that 95% of the game was amazing) and threatened to boy cot the whole company.

It seems that there will always be people who just love to hate things. Just because it's not the way they wanted it to be, they will throw a tantrum. I admit, I was not a huge fan of the ending and was disappointed as it did let the game down. But I held out for the DLC and gave it a chance, and I'm glad I did.

At the end of the day, it's Bioware's game, and it was their story to tell. We just went along for the ride and were able to customise the story to a certain extent. But the basis of the story was theirs. So although their initial ending was quite poorly done, they improved it vastly with the Extended Cut, and it now makes sense which is what many of us wanted. We now have some form of clarity and closure. Oh and people complain that your character dies in every ending...umm no he doesn't, you just have to make the right choice and play the game well :P

I am happy with the Extended Cut and will be happy to play all 3 games again in the future, even if ME1's graphics are starting to look a little dated (not much, just starting to show age...2007 I think).

Ok, rant over... *takes a bow*.. Thanking you!


  1. Argh, I wanted to read this blog, as I LOVE mass effect. But I have yet to play ME3, so I just read the beginning, and decided to comment, sorry.

    Would totally buy some NOT-Mass Effect characters.
    Tali, Wrex and some Geth. Would be cool.

    1. Tali!! Geth! Yes please!!!

    2. Adam don't worry, I tried not to give any spoilers away, so there should be nothing that ruins the game for you. When you do buy ME3, I recommend downloading the free DLC Extended cut, as it'll make the ending WAY more detailed and better :)

      As for figures..maybe!! :P

  2. I completely agree with you Carl; I've been waiting for teh extended cut DLC myself, but didn't know it was out yet - thanks to you my weekend is now fully booked! :)

    Oh and NOT Mass Effect figures is a great idea!

    1. Yeah it came out yesterday. Although on PS3 it isn't out until next week. One bit of advice... They say to load the game before you hit Cerberus, but as far as I could tell, nothing changed (unless I forgot) in the cerberus mission, or even most of the earth missions until the part where are about to run to the beam (before you get hit). So if you wanted to save time, just load an Earth mission before you start the "final run" :) Each ending is vastly different now, so all are well worth watching :)

    2. Cool - I've got the PC version. TBH, I think I'll play again as it's mucho fun!