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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Zombies, 28/15mm roads and buildings

I have decided to release the Roads and Hospital PDF in 15mm scale. I know most of my followers work with 28mm, but as 15mm is also very popular it makes sense to do this.

Converting them to 15mm is not as simple as it sounds. For the roads I have to chop them up and get rid of the "raised paths" because in 15mm it would be almost pointless. So the roads will become flat for 15mm. Each section will be sized to 3.5", but to save space I will attach 3 sections together to fill up the page as shown below. Two "straight" roads. both contain 3 sections each.

Converting the hospital is a little easier, but still not easy. Whilst I can easily reduce the size of the images (using the PDF files as the originals were lost... see earlier posts), I then have to measure everything, work out new wall section sizes and so forth. I'm guessing I would have to use some 2 or 3 mm card as 5mm would be too think, like a 2 foot wall or something!
So yeah... in summary, 15mm buildings/roads are coming soon :)
Supermarket Zombies and New Hospital undercarriages
The Supermarket zombies have arrived. I have almost finished bagging them up, but they won't be on sale until after Crusade. I have a LOT of stuff to get ready in time for the show, so it's better to release them afterwards when I'm hopefully not as busy. Also the new hospital bed undercarriages will be sold at Crusade and there after. So the old carriages will no longer be sold, and therefore the price increase will occur at crusade and thereafter.
Bad News...
The mould containing the Grekwood Sculpt, Sci fi alien, Hammerman, and the Dalek Warrior has had some problems. Hammerman and the Dalek Warrior seem to have broke in the mould *sad face*. As far as I am aware the Grekwood sculpt and sci fi alien are fine though, so that's something.
So what's going to happen?? I have a metal version of each figure which includes the cracks/dents where the green broke. I will go over the two which broke, and alter/fix them. It shouldn't be too big of a problem. I will then send them all back and get a new mould made. So fingers crossed it'll work then.
So yeah... bit of bad news, but nothing that can't be fixed. It does mean they will be delayed, but they WILL be available eventually.
Snow Flock
To end on something fun... I will be stocking snow!! The flock... not the real stuff. It'll sell for £3.75 per pot as it is from the "Battlefields" range, and will therefore be in that section of the website. Here's a quick pic:


  1. Whilst I am not a fan of 15mm, it does make commercial sense to cater to them. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the supermarket zombies going on sale.

    1. I'm not a huge fan of 15mm anymore either. I don't plan to sculpt any figures for it, but as you say, it makes sense to cater the buildings to both scales :)

  2. It is a shame about the mould causing damage to some of the minis. I hope you can repair them OK. If Grek needs any repairs, let me know and I'll sort them out.

    Some interesting things ahead :)

    1. Not to worry, the Grekwood sculpt was unharmed. It actually turned out pretty well (exactly like the green) :) It has to go back into the new Master mould when I have fixed the other things up, but at least you know it will cast well! :)

  3. Aww man about the broken sculpts. The 15mm roads sound great though I'll pass the word onto some of my 15mm chums :D

    1. I've been checking over the figures today, and they should be easy enough to fix up. I may even make a couple of improvements :P

      Thanks for letting people know! Tis very appreciated!