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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Grekwood Minis Display in Detail

Apologies for not getting around the blogs as much, I have been extremely busy getting everything ready for our first ever show next week, and I have been running back and forth to the hospital as my wife Kate had an operation  about 5 days ago. She is doing better though and will hopefully be home on Monday or Tuesday!

So..Grek Minis news! It's just under a week until Crusade here in Cardiff (UK), the first ever trade show where Grekwood Miniatures will be selling! I have been working hard to put together a display which looks decent enough to "launch us", and I think I haven't done too bad. Here's a few WIP photos of the display which I set up on my pool table which rarely gets used for pool! The edges of the table made things not sit right, but its good enough for a tester.

There are a few things missing from the cabinets as I have them elsewhere for photos. But you should get a general idea in the next couple of photos...

At the front I have the scenery stuff to the left, which I have placed on raised display stands which I made.

To the right (at the front) I have displayed more scenery items including ball bearings, bases, steampunk parts and so forth. I still need to put labels all over it.

Next up, is the cabinet. The right cabinet is all zombies and hospital beds, and the left cabinet is the sci fi/fantasy cabinet, along with putties and glues (and the snow) at the bottom.

If you look closely the Grekwood Sculpt is in the left cabinet. I'm making a label so it'll say coming soon!

In the left cabinet I have put a road section with my new convertible mini (if only it was real!). It's to help give scale and to show that it's what the PDFs should look like.

Next up is the space next tot eh cabinet. This is a "mock up" design, and not the final one. It was just to give me an idea of what it would look like. As I can't take the PDFs with me, I thought it would be nice to alert people that we sell those too.

The Pro Arte brushes and the paints. Those are not the correct paints. They are my collection so they don't all match up. But they will be the proper things on the day. The brushes will also be taken out of their plastic wrappers.

 Finally, here's a little photo of the new design hospital bed undercarriage. They are mainly made because of casting reasons, but they are narrower, which allows figures to "tuck" under the bed more closely, to help with space.

Maybe next year we will get a 12ft table, and actually put the hospital building out on show with our road sections, which by the way, we have 10 different versions now, all of which will be online soon.

Thanks again for all your support!


  1. As a show organiser it all looksgood to me. I would ask you to think about the possibility of the figure cabinets and the possibility of putting one on each end of the table. (All depends on your place at the show and number of people expected to atted of course. But with the clear figure cases where they are only a couple of people can see them at a time. Just something to think about and it really does depend on the show. Whatever happens I am sure you will learn a lot from it. And VERY GOOD LUCK with the event.

    1. Thanks! I'm not sure where we will be placed at the show. I might have to contact them and see if they know yet. I'll see what it looks like with one either side. Currently the balance of two tall things either side worked well, but I do see your concern. I'll check it out. Like you say, depending where we are, I can change it to suit the position of the table :)

    2. I would also consider contacting the show organisers to get a map of the hall and where you will be positioned. They should have an idea at least 2 weeks before the show and there should be no reason for them not to send you one (on request). It probably will not make much difference to you but fore warned is fore armed.

    3. I just contacted them about the layout, hopefully they will have one, so I won't get any nasty surprises on the day!

  2. It looks pretty good. I agree with Clint above here. The displays with the minis should have a place where more people can see them at a time.

    Hope the event will be good!

    (And give Kate a hug)

    1. Cheers! Yeah like I said to clint, I'll test it out tonight and see how it looks.

      I put them both on the one side as the paints/brushes helped balance it out (two tall things of equal size on either side).

      hehe I'll give her plenty of hugs!

  3. It looks great mate. Don't worry about the blogs, Real life is more important especially where health and loved ones is concerned.

    1. Very true! gotta get the misses back to good health :) And thanks!

  4. All looks good, good luck with the new set-up.

  5. Looks like a good set up to me, although I see the wisdom in what Clint has said, either way congrats on your first ever trade show, i'm sure its the first of many.

    PS lots of e-hugs and get well soons to your other half Kate.

  6. Best of luck with the show, Carl. I hope it is a big success for you. Also, best wishes to Kate for a speedy recovery.