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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Grekwood Minis - 2 Years Old!

It's been a while (again!) so here's another update. This post will be a mini update for everything over the past month and future plans:

Grekwood Minis is 2 years old next month!
Yup! I've managed to stay around for 2 years! Huzzah! Hopefully there's another year or two in it. I've expanded like crazy over the past 2 years. I started with only 25-ish minis (as you may remember) and the site has grown considerably, which is awesome!

I am trying to increase the number of followers on my Facebook page since it's where I do most of my advertising/updates. I tried posting a message for people to share, but only a couple did (which I thank those who did), but it only generated about 6 new likes. So I think the only way people are willing to "share" something is if there is a chance to win something. So I'll have to think of something to "give-away" to a winner...

1. Police Boxes and Telephone Boxes
These were released last month. If you haven't seen them then they are very worth checking out. They are larger than the Fenris/Hasslefree one, but about the same price I believe. They come in blue resin, so with some blue highlights they can look pretty amazing! The telephone boxes are extremely accurate, and even have hinges, door handles and a solid pannel at the back where the telephone goes. Again, a great piece of scenery.

2. March
March saw the release of some Shadowforge miniatures. 10 individual characters which are spread out across the different categories of our website. They have been around a while, but there are some great minis in there.

4. April 1st
Heading into a new financial year, I will be releasing quite a few minis! I'll be starting off with some Crooked Dice "Detectives and Lowlifes". I recognise similarities for 3 of them, but the guy with a hat is totally lost on me...any ideas? Either way, great looking figures!

urther more I will be releasing more Shadowforge minis. this time some sci-fi females! I really like the look of these figures, so will be taking some for myself. I like the futuristic style of the armour.

I also had some great news, that being that these three fellows would be joining my website as soon as they are launched. So I'm really excited for these (I'm sure you know why!). I do feel that the guy on the left needed to be a bit thinner/taller, but apart from that these are superb!

Ok, so that's my plan for April 1st and sometime after (with the giveaway).
Cheers for reading!


  1. Congrats on a milestone! But if you've made it through 2 years, might as well be another 20! :P

  2. Many congrats on making it this far, Carl. Here's to your continued success. Many of those new figures you have shown here really interest me. I'll be keeping an eye open for them.

    1. Thank you Bryan! Some of the figures have been around a while, but they are too cool not to stock :)

  3. Congratulations. Two years in this economic climate is to be applauded. Really like your "new" stock, orders will be placed.
    Keep it Welsh, isn't it.

    1. Thanks! Yeah my dad tells me the same about the economy every time I say sales are a bit down compared to the previous month. :)

  4. Happy birthday ! You make good stuff. Really great and looking forward to more years

  5. Replies
    1. Cheers! Technically it's not until April 27th, but it's close! :D

  6. doesn't time fly etc.... congrats on making it to the two year landmark, her's hoping you have many more.
    The Crooked Dice guys look good (but can't associate them with anyone) as do the last three but both sets are usable for a lot of different situations.
    All the Shadowforge range loks good too and is quite a scoop getting these in stock too.

  7. Happy Birthday To Grekwood Carl and congratulations

  8. Good stuff.

    I thought it would be good to share your blog so I have nominated you for a Liebster award:

    It gets the word on the street so I hope you join in.