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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Testing Grekwood Zombies Rules PART 2

...and so it continues...

All four members cautiously move forward into the gap between the lorry and the red car, while Xavier protects their backs. Gina, Adele and Ben decide to reduce the number of zombies coming from down the road (which are now visible to all) , but they ALL miss (terrible shooting and I feel another wave of panic begin to spread!!). Xavier tries to slow the mass of party zombies coming down the and shoots the maid zombie reducing her to a stumbler. 

Since the survivors are moving around a vehicle, some zombies cannot see the survivors any more, so the zombies who are closest  (coming up from the local store)will head towards the last place they saw the survivors as they don’t know where the survivors plan to go. Well they don’t have much brains!
Finally, luck is on our side, we rolled a 19 which means no new zombies appear!!

All the survivors continue to move extremely cautiously. Gina moves through the gap in the vehicles and around the back of the lorry, while Ben moves around the red car to protect Gina’s back. Xavier and Adele cover the others whilst moving backwards. They all shoot…but miss!!! Arghhh Now’s not the time for bad shooting with all those zeds getting closer!!

7 more zeds appear at 2 different locations… will this town ever run out of zombies?!

With the zombies closing in, the survivors see that the wooded area (aka Dragon Park) is relatively clear/empty. They need to increase the distance between themselves and the zombies as there are just too many of them, so they decide to leave the protection of the cars, pick up the speed, and jog into the park. They don’t run as the view isn’t 100% clear as zombies could be hiding behind trees.

Since they are jogging they get a negative modifier, and unluckily everyone misses yet again, what’s wrong guys? Good job there’s now some distance between them and the approaching hordes!

The zombies creep forward, but luckily no new zombies appear. Maybe the town has finally run out of zombies (yeah.. I doubt it…).

TURN 10:
Since there is a little more distance between the survivors and zombies, the survivors decide to stop jogging, and walk deeper into the park, while heading towards their primary objective, Grekwood General Hospital. Both guys manage to hit and kill oncoming zombies, while both women score hits which only wound. But at least that’s better than the misses they have all been having lately!
As the zombies move in, 7 new zombies appear at locations 1 and 3. Luckily 3 is on the other side of the table so it most likely won’t affect them.

TURN 11:
The survivors see that the Hospital fire escape is close, so they head straight for it. Xavier and Adele both miss. Ben searches for a shot through the woods, sees a nurse, shoots, and kills her… “yes!” he says under his breath. Gina sees the pregnant zombie, and hesitates, but realises she has to shoot, and ends up killing her.
All zombies move towards the survivors, but luckily no new zombies appear.

TURN 12:
The group now move to the bottom of the fire escape stairs and take a quick look to see if there are any zombies present. Luckily it’s clear. Knowing there is nothing on the stairs, all turn their back to the fire escape for one last shot. Ben quickly fires, but misses everything…he doesn’t even hit a tree (it was that bad!). Xavier and Adele both shoot and kill 2 more unlucky zombies. With no zombie too close, Gina searches for a visible shot, and amazingly she spots a zombie through a tiny gap in the trees! She raises one of her guns, looks down the barrel and through the gap in the tree, and pulls the trigger. Boom! It’s a kill!

This is our favourite photo (to the right) of the whole game. We used “line of sight” a lot to determine who we could see, or what we could shoot, and this just takes it to a whole new level of “real” line of sight! The gap between the trees was SO small, but enough for Gina to see a potential kill.

Because the survivors have reached the base of the stairs, this now activates the zombies in the hospital wards closest to the survivors (the zombies we placed on the roof when setting everything up). We do the location rolls using a 6 sided dice, and determine that there are 4 zeds on the middle floor in the ward, and 5 zeds in the middle floor day room. Now the hospital entry points are activated, it means there are now 8 entry points total.

New zombies appear at 4 locations, these now being entry point 7, 2, 5 and 7 again. 11 zombies total with 2 being on the ground floor of the hospital.

TURN 13:
After an almost all round successful turn of shooting, the survivors go up the first flight of stairs to increase the distance from the zombies. A “normal” walking pace takes you up 1 flight of stairs per move. They see that the day room on that level 1 is full of zombies, so they have a choice, either fire, OR use the rest of their “move” to get to the bottom of the second flight of stairs. Since they only moved 4” it meant they could either shoot, or turn their move into a run and move a total of 8”.
Not wanting to get trapped by the zombies coming from the forest, they decide to risk it and to carry on to the next level.
Luckily no new zombies appeared.

TURN 14:
The survivors scrambled up the stairs. Amazingly, the day room was empty which allowed the survivors to gain access to the hospital. …and so the game had ended!


Overall not bad! It’s the first game we have done where we have actually reached the primary objective and the first game where we never had any injuries!
The game turned out to be a rather strange one for most zed reinforcements all seemed to come down the back alley where the party zombies came from. I suppose [in reality] that’s where the housing estate is so the game actually gave a ‘real’ result.

When we started we thought we would have been forced more toward the general store, rather than the straight line option we actually got. If more reinforcements had come in at the back edge, then everything may have turned out differently.
With our survivors entering the hospital, the next game will be to get the meds and scarper! (when this game will happen I don't know... so for now, that's all folks! Hope you have enjoyed it. Stay tuned for the rules which will be posted up on our website in the next week. Everything has been delayed as I have been ill for about 2 weeks, but I am finally starting to do better, so apologies for the wait!

All comments as usual are welcome.


  1. You... Have been infected?!

    Great report mate! Looking forward to the rules.
    And great shots of the action!!!

    1. Thanks! My pro days as a photographer have paid off then!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! I'll be looking forward to testing the rules out myself. In actual play time, how long did your game run? I'm wondering if I could put together an encounter for a Wednesday night gaming group I meet up with...

    1. Hey, umm, we actually did everything over 2 days, but that included stopping and rewriting rules and stuff. So probably a decent game can be done in a few hours. It all depends on how big the table is, and number of zombies. Our table was 8ft x 4ft and we used quite a lot of zombies, so a smaller table with a smaller number of zombies/buildings would be much quicker.

  3. That was most enjoyable, Carl. With the amount of zombie reinforcements arriving I feared that the survivors would get swamped and over-powered... but they made it. Cool! I look forward to seeing how they get on inside the hospital.

    1. Cheers Bryan! we haven't actually played the hospital part yet, but we will at some point I'm sure :) It's always good to have a game with no casualties on the survivors side!

  4. Very enjoyable AAR, look forward to reading more when you get the chance sir

  5. Good read and a good result for the survivors; I would have liked a bit more rules explanantions, but it would have detracted from the story quite a lot.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your rules.

    1. Thanks! I did think about adding some more "rules" explanations in there, but I thought it would break up the flow of the game, and since the rules will be available in a few days I decided to leave it out..

  6. Great end to an AAR (and lenghty!)!
    I'm most interested to see the great hospital scenery and zombies all used in a game!

    1. Thanks..haha yeh, I don't like lengthy stuff, but I had to make an exception!