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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Please vote for my small business!

It's been one month since my last blog post, so here's one!

A friend of mine who runs a small illustration business entered a give-away the other day. It's for Small UK Businesses, and there are 10 prizes of £1000 and 1 grand prize of £5000. The 10 x £1000 prizes are being given out throughout November and December, with the final 3 and the "grand prize" being given out on December 11th.

So, being a very small business which is very much in need of help, I decided to enter. So please could you vote for my business?

The link to vote is here (it's not spam...despite looking weird... but it is safe I promise):

You don't have to sign up to anything, or provide any details or do anything. You just load the page, scroll (if you need to) and click the button which says "vote for us". It's that simple!

You can vote everyday if you want. You don't have to, but it would help increase the chances :)

Oh and I uploaded an unedited photo...urgghh, and I can't change that kinda annoys me, but it's my own fault for not paying attention!

It should look like this:

I painted both of those... it's some of my best paint work :D

If I Win?
I've pretty much assumed I won't win the £5000 grand prize. I think I'm unlikely to win the £1000, but it's more likely than the £5000. If I won anything, it would help fund some more miniatures, and I may venture into the whole digital "sculpting" thing which many companies seem to be doing... even though they don't really need to as they have plenty of real sculpting talent anyway. I personally don't class it as "sculpting", but more as "computer design" as you are not physically sculpting any more, but yeah, maybe i'll be good at that since I am a computer geek lol

PDF Houses
If you haven't already seen, I've been working on some pdf houses. They are small, and mainly for scenery, but the roof can be taken off if you want for figures to be places inside. But it's not big enough to play games inside, it's purely for show and reference.

Here's a photo

Ok, that's all for now, cheers for reading. ...and please vote for meee :)