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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Grekwood Miniatures 1st Birthday!

It's apparently been over two weeks since my last post... crazy! I just thought I would talk a little about what will be going on in Grekwood Minaitures over the next few months. Before I start, here's a fun photo some of you may not have seen:

Click to zooooooom

Recently I launched the expansion pack for the hospital. It's been a long time waiting so I am happy it is finally out there! I also uploaded the mini dinosaur I sculpted to the website. He can be found in the "Critters" section.

On the 27th of this month it will be Grekwood Minaitures 1st birthday! To celebrate this, I will be releasing the "Grekwood in a Fez" tribute figure (sculpted by Inso) on Monday the 22nd. It will be a perfect way to celebrate the 1 year birthday and it will also serve as a reminder to everyone of why Grekwood Miniatures is here.

£1 from each sale will go to the CGD Society.

Grekwood Minis is Growing!
I have quite a few figures coming out over the next few months. These include the one's mentioned above, along with "The Tenderiser" (marketed as "Hammerman"), Bexi Warrior Princess, and Alliwen the Space Ranger!

I also have 4 werewolves which can be interchanged. I am still trying to work on a price for them. They cost quite a lot to produce because they are quite large and chunky. They are meant to be for 28mm scale figures, but they are 40-45mm tall (equivalent of 8 or 9 feet tall). I plan to bring out more arms for them at some point.

I am also working on some extra figures for the Bioblyte range. This will involve one pack of figures similar to the armless guys, but this time less bulky torsos, and arms which have claws on the end. A second pack will be like the Bioblytes themselves, but holding weapons rather than them being integrated. They will also be less bulked out.

15mm Buildings and Roads
I am finally working on building/altering the buildings for 15mm scale. This means reducing the files sizes by roughly 60%, and then tweaking the files to make them more suitable. As the walls are not as long, it means some walls can be connected together making less parts. They will be based on 3mm foam board which is weirdly super cheap on eBay. I found 10 A3 sized sheets for £9.99 (bargain!).

So if you know of anyone who is wanting some 15mm stuff, then send them our way!

Ok that's all for now, cheers for reading!


  1. Happy 1st Birthday, Crikey that went quick seems like 5mins!

    1. Thanks! Yeah it seems to have gone really quick!

  2. Congrats on your blog's first birthday. I can't wait to see what the next year brings.

  3. Belated, but happy 1st birthday to your blog. :)