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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Roads PDF

First off I'd like to thank and welcome all the new people who have start following my blog. I hope you will find it plenty of interest here in the future :)

PDF Roads
Later today I will be uploading the "residential roads" PDF download to the website. They will cost £1.50 to buy. The PDF will consist of 6 sections: straight main road, side straight road, T junction, Cross-roads, corner and dead end (everything in the photo). In the documentation I have explained how to convert them so they can be either "flat" or the pavemens raised to a different thickness. It also explains how to fix everything up.

We have also created a couple of "place fillers" to be placed between the road sections to help bring them up to the same level as the pavements, and to fill in any gaps around buildings and so forth. They are there to help with the appearance of the playing board instead of having a bare table, and a cheaper alternative to buying grass mats and all that (also, they are 6 x 6 inch squares). They include: Grass, Mud, paving area, smaller paving stone area, and finally a some tiny stones, so possible could be used as cobblestones and finally a tarmac area.

The below image shows a corner of the full piece. I didn't want to post the "full" piece as people can just print it from the photo. So I cropped them all to show part of it. So the selection is below. They will also be £1.50 (I think... need to check up on that).

Ok, so hopefully the roads will be online later tonight, and the "filler" things will be online some time during the week. I just need to finalise a few things.

Hospital Beds
These have proved to be extremely popular. However, as we are casting more and more, the undercarriage is causing problems with casting (wheels not coming out right and so forth). We are throwing away about half of what we cast. So after a LOT of calculations and thinking, I have decided to redesign the undercarriage, and get them cast in metal. This is a more expensive option, but we are currently getting a lot of miss-casts, so it's very time wasting. Therefore, getting them made in metal will free up our time for other things, and also, we will get a 100% casting result.

As I am redesigning them, I can add a bit more detail and change the design slightly  as a casting machine will pick it up better than hand casting. It also means I will need to increase the cost of each pack by a little bit. No much though, so they will still be relatively cheap to buy.

Anyway, I think that's it for now, So keep an eye out for those roads! We are planning to produce a few varieties, so stay tuned!



  1. Your roads look to be great value for money and I'm looking forward to seeing the new beds.

    1. Thanks! Yeah hopefully I can come up with a similar design for the undercarriage, just with a few differences :)