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Friday, 28 September 2012

A Pirate, A Princess and an Xbox360 Walk into A Bar

Ok, so it's not a joke, but those things are in this blog, so bare with me!!

I spent the past few days making a waistcoat for my costume. I bought some cheap material on eBay, along with some gold buttons. I cut it up and sewed it all together and this is the final product. It looks pretty awesome under all the belts and sashes! I have a few things left to do but it's coming along nicely.

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As I have been lacking in the "Miniatures" area lately due to the house move, I have decided to reveal a little something I started working on about a day or two before I moved. It's not finished, so it still needs a lot of work, but I think it looks cool. I have a friend who made a costume which was Dr Who related (part dalek, part human), so I decided to make her into a figure and sell once complete.

Click to ZOOOOM

On a sad note, the Xbox360 stopped functioning properly. The usual green lights are now red, which means it has issues. There are 4 lights, each taking up a quarter of a circle. 4 lights (full circle) means hardware problems, and that it's pretty much stuffed. 3 lights is either overheating problemss, or battery problems. Not sure what 1 or 2 lights mean. Anyway, mine shows 3 red lights. So I took it all apart (which was actually quite difficult despite what tutorials show), and now I just need to put some "thermal compound" underneath the heat radiators/sinks and onto the processors. This should help cool it back down quicker and make it wok again *fingers crossed* as the old thermal compound has been depleted (dried up). I guess photos of that will be in my next blog as I'm still waiting for the compound to be delivered..

So until the compound is here...cheerio!


  1. Unique and looks great I'm sure it will do well.

    Aaarrrr pieces of eight! Great costume btw

    1. Thanks and thanks! hehe :D I hope it will do well too :)

  2. Still lacks rum matey......

    The mini is looking pretty good!

    Have you started to settled in now?

    1. Lol I know.. I know... Thanks, it's still a WIP, but I am happy with it so far! Yeah we have most things sorted now, so it's starting to pull together nicely :)