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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Hospital Beds - Now on Sale!!

Short blog this time just to let you know that the hospital beds are finally on sale now, so check out the website:

Here's a photo of some packaged up beds:

Reminder, contact me for postage if you are outside of the UK. I can't stress that enough as normal postage doesn't always cover countries outside of the UK.

Also, once again, if you want the normal zombie nurses and want to save on postage, then please wait until next week as that is when I should hopefully have the zombies for sale.

If you know of anyone who might like these, whether on forums/facebook or whatever, please post a link to them :)

Cheers to everyone who has commented and been patient the past month or so. It's been a while getting there, but I finally did it!

Until the next blog...cheerio!


  1. Initial order of two of everything has been placed. I can see me buying more in the future, especially empty beds. I hope these turn out to be a best seller for you, Carl

    1. Cheers Vampifan! I have packaged your order and it'll be sent out tomorrow :) It's a bigger box than last time, so it has plenty of packaging and "do not crush" stickers. SO I hope the post people take note of those...

  2. Thats really awesome! Nice to finally see you've overcame all the problems they've caused! On the business side, I am pretty sure you've found yourself something special :)

    1. Cheers Mathyoo! Yeah it was taking ages so I jsut had to do something to get them out. There were only minior issues, so i went with the patch them up and spray method. SO they are kinda customised lol :P